Fluid check: Signs that a car is roadworthy

Preventive car maintenance checks for the warranty

If you bought your car brand new and it is just three years old, chances are, it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty is only valid if you bring your car in for preventive car servicing every three months at the car dealer. Check out the owner’s manual in the glove compartment of your car. You’ll find a thick book that shows you the features of your car and also provides you with a schedule for when to bring your car in for its preventive maintenance.

The fluid check

If you do not bring your car in for any of its preventive car maintenance checks, the manufacturer’s warranty will be invalidated. It is important that you keep to your schedule. The first maintenance check is usually after the first month and it is for tightening of nuts and bolts. The successive maintenance checks are also valuable as the oil is changed and all the fluid levels in the car are checked. This means that the coolant in the radiator is checked along with the brake fluid, the motor oil, the transmission fluid, and even the amount of water in the reservoir for the windshield sprinkler!

overheated car

If you’ve ever gone for an annual physical examination, you will probably recall that you give samples of your blood and urine for testing. The fluids in your body give a picture of the overall health and working condition of your body. It is the same way with cars: the fluid levels in the car give a picture of the overall roadworthiness and condition of the car.

If too much coolant in the radiator has been used up, it might mean that there is a leak in the radiator hose or the car’s thermostat isn’t working properly. This may imply that when you operate the car, it is at a higher temperature than is recommended, thus some component parts may get warped or “baked” into place. If the brake fluid has been used up too much, there may be a leak in the brake hose, or the braking system isn’t working properly.

The fluid check is very important – do not miss out on it.

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